REPAIR for irritated skin

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Relieves itchy and irritated skin. Nourishing and antiinflammatory cream which relieves red, itchy and irritated skin while maintaining the moisture balance. Repair has a soothing, protective effect and softens dry and rough skin while preventing new outbreaks.


Repair for irritated skin effectively relieves irritation and redness while maintaining the moisture balance, rebuilding and strengthening the skin’s own barrier against new outbreaks. This relieving cream for both body and face has a soothing and softening effect so that stinging, itching and the burning sensation is reduced within a short period of time and the skin is left delicious and comfortable.

Repair indeholder mandelolie og sheasmør, som består af en række gode essentielle fedtsyrer og vitaminer der både nærer, blødgører, beroliger huden, så den ikke føles stram og kløende. Derudover indeholder Repair en række af Leonhards lækre håndlavede planteekstrakter, blandt andet fra enebær, hamp og bukkehorn som er rige på antioxidanter, vitaminer og mineraler der har antiinflammatoriske, cellefornyende og fugtgivende egenskaber.

Counteracts redness and irritation
Softens and strengthens the skin’s own barrier
Can be used for both face and body
pH-value: around 4,9
Developed and produced in Denmark
Repair settles lightly on the skin, dries in quickly without staining the clothes and can therefore easily be used with delicate textiles.

Suitable for: All skin types, red and irritated skin.

Use morning and night or when needed on clean skin. Can be used for both face and body.