About Leonhard


Leonhard Denmark started with Louise, who 10 years ago became interested in natural cosmetics and could not understand why we did not use the nature that was right in front of our eyes. Therefore, she started making homemade products with natural ingredients in the family’s own kitchen. As the years passed, Louise gained a lot of new knowledge and experience, which she used to try out new ingredients and combinations for more effective products.

When Louise started handing out her creations to friends and colleagues, she received positive feedback and demand for more and it appeared that the gentle products had a positive effect on various skin challenges. From there, Louise started developing the products for more specific purposes while they were being tested by more than 200 people at home and abroad with sensitive skin and skin problems.


In 2018, rumors about the products began spreading and interest showed itself
from unexpected edges where foreign distributors were interested –
and in amounts that were no longer possible to manufacture at home in the kitchen. It became an eye opener to start something bigger and the preparations to start our
bigger own production began.

In 2019, Leonhard Denmark started up in its own production facilities in northern Jutland where we still work with the same principles that Louise started. We are focusing on good and natural ingredients, where we gently process several of the ingredients ourselves from the raw material to intense cosmetic ingredients. When the products are mixed and finished, they are bottled by hand before they are packed and made ready to be sent out the door.